Cyber Security

Comprehensive protection for your data and network

In today's fast-paced IT world, it is no longer enough to assume that security breaches occur only at larger companies, or to install precautionary measures “just in case.” Security breaches are targeting small businesses just like yours. No matter the protections you have in place, a single security breach is enough to corrupt your entire network and compromise your sensitive and confidential data.

Don’t let negligent employees, unstable systems, and insufficient protection be your business’s downfall. At Teal Group , we offer a full range of IT security solutions to effectively protect your systems and data.

Cyber Security services from Teal Group include:

  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA) - We can review your critical business operations to determine the priority of systems, nature of the data involved, and the financial impact of undesirable activities.
  • Security Program Design - Our comprehensive security program helps you mitigate risks, defend against cyber attacks, and meet regulatory requirements.
  • Business Continuity Planning - Prepare your company to continue business as usual despite minor setbacks, problems and issues. Build business processes based on a business impact analysis.
  • Architectural Review - Get a full assessment of the current state of your technology investments. The review yields a comprehensive view of systems, using a top-down approach from inside your company to define vulnerabilities and areas for improvement.