Backup and Disaster Recovery

Prepare your business for whatever lies ahead

Your company will be fighting an uphill battle to stay in business the minute it loses its critical data. Not only do you have to replace that data to get back up and running, you may also have to notify clients whose data has gone missing and pay a fortune for violating compliance regulations.

Teal Group will help you create a business continuity plan that allows your company to keep going in the event of a disaster, or if you are held captive by ransomware attacks. We’ll make sure your data backups can be restored at a moment’s notice, and prepare you for the fallout from data loss.

Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions from Teal Group offer:

  • Data redundancy - We create a backup of your backups to avoid the single point of failure.
  • Fast recovery - Get back to business quickly should a disaster occur.
  • Offsite storage - Transfer your backups to our remote data centers.
  • Extensive reporting - Ensure data integrity with a detailed backup report.
  • Inclusive updates - Get the latest hardware and software from world-class vendors.
  • Disaster preparedness plan development - Safeguard your business with comprehensive data backup plans and disaster recovery policies.