Cloud Services

Take your business to greater heights

Are you looking for cloud-based applications that will help you enhance productivity while reducing costs? Do you need a secure storage facility for your data backups? Teal Group are experts when it comes to cloud technology. We partner with world-class cloud vendors to deliver the best of cloud services for your business.

The cloud can be intimidating for many small businesses, but with the help of Teal Group ’s cloud specialists, we make the whole process easy and painless. You can conduct your daily business operations while we work in the background, configuring your cloud infrastructure and integrating it into your existing systems.

Teal Group ’s Cloud Services allow you to:

  • Work remotely - Gain access to corporate files from virtually anywhere.
  • Pay for what you use - Keep your IT budget from spinning out of control.
  • Scale easily - Your cloud technology can easily grow along with your business.
  • Reduce costs - Eliminate the costs of installing and managing expensive hardware.